Bible Study

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A Bible study "What every new believer should know" follows. It is divided into two series each of ten lessons. The first series is called 'Beta' and the second series will be called 'Delta'.

They are designed for those young in the faith or searching for the Truth.

Each lesson consists of two pages which can be printed or copied into your word processor.

If you are doubtful about any of your answers you can email your questions (click here) or send your filled in paper, with your name, address, email and 'phone number to the address on the Welcome page (click here).

Click on the number in the series you want to do - it is strongly advised that you do them in order, beginning with those called Beta.

Origins                            Beta 01(a)  and  Beta 01(b)

Sin and its consequence Beta 02(a)  and  Beta 02(b)

 More studies will follow shortly

 You may find the following site also useful:


 The best place to learn is in ICF's Borehamwood Church in Manor Way, Borehamwood