A meditation from a Borehamwood Church

Ex. 20 is best known because it is the first time God gives us His ‘Ten Commandments.’

Ever thought what a better world it would be if everyone kept them? Have you given much thought to the one(s) you keep least? Perhaps you think, that one(s) is not very important.

If so, why do you think God bothered to give it in the first place?

The first time the Commandments were given was out of a relationship God wanted to establish. Only later were they to be written in tablets of stone.

When people are embarrassed because their car, clothes (or you name it) is not as good as their neighbours, colleagues etc. - is that not a form of Covetousness?

And is gossip, saying something negative about someone who is not in a position to defend themselves, giving False Witness? And Stealing (their character)? Perhaps even a form of murder?

When it comes to honouring parents, no provision is made in scripture of excluding those who have wronged you.

And what about keeping the Sabbath? Do you treat all days the same, or do you choose to set one day as being treated differently to the others? Can a non-believer see any difference in the way you treat one day in the week than in the way they do?

And have you ever misused the Lord’s name? Have you used that name with no intention of Him being honoured by your use of it?

Worth thinking about, don’t you think?