Interns may be "Gap year" students, those wishing to see if God wants them to change their present occupation, or even someone who has taken early retirement.

Whilst 11 months, i.e the academic year, will be common, other periods, both shorter and longer, will be considered.

Typical Weekly Activity: (Subject to revision)

In a Team, spend ½ day Literature distribution in the community

In a Team, spend ½ day "Door Knocking" or "Street Evangelism"

In a team, assist in running, or creating, ICF children or youth Club(s), if required

Enter Schools under Pathway Authority

What you will receive

Bible Training will be given as will opportunities to learn other skills.

Opportunity to spend one or two weeks abroad on a "Mission" project.

Full board and lodgings and approved expenses will be provided..

An allowance (pocket money) of £90 per month will be given.

Holidays are to be taken during the local school holidays.

Applicants will be required to raise in advance £2,000 to demonstrate their commitment, and God’s power to meet their needs. This sum will be adjusted where they come for a period other than eleven months.

Taking part in overseas "Mission" is voluntary. Those choosing to take part will be required to pay part of the cost. ICF and Pathway will offer advice in raising this.

Applicants will be required to be DBS certified

Interns not already registered with an UK doctor, will be required to do so as soon as practically possible.

Insurance cover is provided whilst carrying out tasks required of them by ICF. Interns who deem it desirable to have additional insurance cover (e.g. possessions, health etc.) need to arrange and pay for it themselves.

The Above is not set 'in concrete'. E.g. training provided will depend, in part, according to whether you came to us by another organisation, e.g. Life in the Spirit. The same may be true of the 'up-front' financial commitment.