"A Biblical and Scientific Approach"

Thursday February 4th 7.30 pm a Zoom Webinar

It doesn't require a prophet to tell you that the Media's emphasis on coronavirus will soon be replaced by an emphasis on Climate Change.

In the 1930's Hitler spent vast amounts of money on building Roads and on Armaments with the purpose of reducing unemployment.

To 'Fix' the economy and reduce unemployment today, Politicians will spent vast amounts of Taxpayers money on removing current technology and replacing it with 'green' technology.

It is important Christians have an understanding of the Biblical as well as the Scientific view of what this may mean. I encourage you to watch this Webinar, and to encourage your friends to do likewise, especially if they are young.

To see a short talk on the Catastrophic Climate Change

that impacted the world four and a half thousand years ago

click on Pastor’s Piece, then click on Mankind’s Future

Episode 6 Climate Change