Church Affairs Manager

(Title and role subject to amendment)

Role covers three areas:

Church Administration

Estate Management


Church Administration:

Keep in orderly manner ICF records

Produce Management & Year End Accounts (with assistance)

File Accounts & Statements with Charity Commission & Co. House

Either handle all income including Banking – OR handle all payments

Keep abreast of Charity Commission, Data Protection, and Co. House requirements –  informing Leadership as appropriate

Keep ICF Handbook up to date

Keep Web site "" up to date

Engage in Fund Raising for the building project

Estate Management:

Rent property to appropriate persons – raising invoices as required.

Arrange repair of property faults – consulting Leadership as appropriate.

Check Insurance, Safety Certificates (Fire, Gas, Electric) are up to date

Keep property in a clean, safe, tidy condition, and heating is operating correctly.


(This Role will take up more time than the previous two roles together)

Supervise Interns when they are not being supervised by others

In a Team, spend ½ day distributing literature

In a Team, spend ½ day ‘Door knocking’ or ‘Street evangelism’

In a Team, assist in existing Young People Club(s) or create a new one

Go into schools, in Partnership with Pathway

If "Church Affairs Manager" has ‘special Outreach gifts’, time may be given to this in place of schools work or "Door Knocking" or "Street Evangelism"

The above list is not meant to be comprehensive and other tasks may take their place. e.g. creating a Social Media Page; Streaming church services to the Net; and others as circumstances dictate or direct.

Hours, Holidays, Remuneration, etc.

It is a Full Time Post. However, Job Sharing or even Part Time will be considered. Subject to HMCR rules, you may be Self-Employed or Delegated by your own company.

Some hours will be dictated by the tasks to be performed – whilst others will suit flexible working of the Post holders choosing.

Holidays (including Statutory Holidays) will be 28 days per annum

(pro rata for Part Time).

Remuneration will be in the range of £24,000 to £32,000 p.a.

Training will be offered in respect to every aspect of the work.

Bible training and other training will also be offered.

Should an applicant think God may be directing them to apply for this post but they feel they are not capable of fulfilling some aspect, then please speak to Pastor Patrick before making a decision.

Other Considerations:

The selected person will be, or become, an active member of ICF and embrace its ethos and teachings.

Experience and Gifting will be taken into account in assessing salary

Ability to use a Word Processing programme and manipulate Spreadsheets is important.

Applicants will be required to be DBS certified.

Applicants  maybe required to take certain tests.

Applicants maybe required to attend at least two interviews for which reasonable expenses will be paid.

Applicants will be expected to provide on their C.V. their present salary (and if having a different post in previous 3 years, their previous salary)