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 2nd May 2021

 Such As I Have

 Bode Awogbade

 25th April 2021


 Op Duru

 18th April 2021

 God The Gardener

Mandy Gilian 

 11th April 2021

 Jesus Lives - Christ Is Risen From The Dead

 Philip Bateman

 4th April 2021

 Resurrection Sunday Message

 Patrick Bateman

 28th March 2021

 The Heart Of The Gospel

 Paul Onifade

 21st March 2021

 Jesus The Merciful Judge

 Darren Chubb

 14th March 2021

 Mother's Day In Lockdown

 Philip Bateman

 7th March 2021

 Replacement Theology - Is It Evil?

 Patrick Bateman

 28th February 2021

 Living By Faith

 Pete Thomas

 21st February 2021

 God Has Acted For His People

 Neil Winterton

 14th February 2021

 God's Love And Ours

 Thomas McDonald

 7th February 2021

 Power Of Self Encouragement

 Henry Ohakam

 31st January 2021


 Amy Green

 24th January 2021

 Operating In The Spirit Of Faith

 Bode Awogbade

 17th January 2021

 Encouraging Others

 Darren Chubb

 10th January 2021

 Being Faithful Despite The Circumstances

 Philip Bateman

 3rd January 2021

 An Open Door

 Patrick Bateman

 31st December 2020

 God's Plan For You (Jeremiah 29:11)

 Op Duru

 27th December 2020

 Dying To Self

 Chinedu Duru

 25th December 2020

 Why Jesus Came

 Patrick Bateman

 20th December 2020

 Joseph, Man Of Obedience

 Darren Chubb 

 13th December 2020

 Jesus, The Reason For The Season

 Philip Bateman

 6th December 2020

 Jesus's First Coming

 Patrick Bateman

 29th November 2020

  Faith That Can Move Mountains

 Henry Jackson-Koufie

 22nd November 2020

 God Loves Us

 Philip Bateman

 15th November 2020

 Moving From Surviving To Thriving

 Pete Thomas

 8th November 2020


 Tim Bateman 

 1st November 2020

 Does God Have Favourites

 Patrick Bateman

 25th October 2020

 The Coats That Shaped The Life Of Joseph

 Darren Chubb

 18th October 2020

The Shephard And Ministry

 Philip Bateman

 11th October 2020

 Why We Worship A Glorious God

 Paul Onifade

 4th October 2020

 Lessons From The Torah

 Patrick Bateman 

 27th September 2020

 The Upward Way

 Chinedu Duru

 20th September 2020

 Experiencing God in Exile (During Lockdown)

 Philip Bateman

 13th September 2020

 Finding Strength In Times Of Crisis

 Bode Awogbade

 6th September 2020

 Lessons From Genesis

 Patrick Bateman

 30th August 2020

 Transforming Church, Transforming Lives

 Op Duru

 23rd August 2020

Offended by Jesus

 Darren Chubb 

 16th August 2020

 Use Your Talents! Matthew 25

 Philip Bateman

 9th August 2020

 The Blessings of Psalm 1     

 Paul Onifade 

 2nd August 2020

 You Are Precious Psalm: 116

 Patrick Bateman

 26th July 2020

 Is God Ever Silent?

 Darren Chubb

 19th July 2020

Running the Race with Enduring Faith

 Pete Thomas

 12th July 2020

 Reward For Using Your Talents

 Patrick Bateman

 5th July 2020

 Expect and Take God's Chances

 Philip Bateman

 28th June 2020

 Unprecedented Times? History's Perspective

 Patrick Bateman

 21st June 2020

  Three men - Three Outcomes

 Darren Chubb

 14th June 2020

 God's Favour and Promises

 Patrick Bateman

 7th June 2020

 Churches need to Adapt

 Philip Bateman

 31st May 2020

 You need the Holy Spirit to live a life

 Patrick Bateman

 24th May 2020

How to respond to Crisis

 Op Duru

 17th May 2020

What church should be doing
Philip Bateman

 10th May 2020

 David's Childhood and Psalm

Patrick Bateman